Regularly check your online pension record

It is important to regularly check your pension record, for example, online once a year. Check your pension record to see how much pension you have earned to ensure that the data of your employment relationships and periods of self-employment and earnings are correct. Once you retire, this data is used to calculate your pension amount.

Your pension record shows all the relevant data on your employments, periods of self-employment and benefits for which you have earned earnings-related pension. It also shows how much pension you have earned so far. Depending on your age and who your pension provider is, your pension record also states your retirement age and shows an estimate of your future pension amount.

Check your pension record regularly

It’s crucial that you check your pension record regularly, for example, once a year. It is much easier to correct incorrect data when it is still fresh than years or decades later. If your data is incomplete or incorrect, contact your own earnings-related pension provider.

Your pension record data is an important part of planning your own finances. The choices you make during your working life will affect the amount of your future pension. You can improve your pension by working longer or working in retirement.

Online pension record more comprehensive

The online pension record is far more extensive than the printed record. It includes all data from your entire working life. The printed record only includes data from the last six years. The online record is also better up-to-date because it is almost real time.

This is why the online pension record is better than the printed one:

  • It is more comprehensive and up-to-date than the printed one.
  • It is always accessible.
  • You receive no more printed mail.

The web service of your pension provider offers supplementary and versatile support services, including pension calculators and customer service.

Changes to delivery of printed pension record

The posting cycle of private sector pension records began at the start of 2024. The pension record is sent out three years from the last printed pension record or the last online pension record check.

The public sector offers primarily the online record.

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