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Your pension provider is the pension provider that has insured your current or most recent employment or self-employment. Contact your pension provide when you have questions about, for example, your pension record, the amount of your future pension or how to claim your pension.

If you have not worked at all, or if you have not been insured for an earnings-related pension in Finland, you can contact the Finnish Centre for Pensions when you want to ask about earnings-related pensions.

Find your pension provider

If you are not sure which pension provider you are insured with, you can click the Online pensions services button (available in Finnish and Swedish and requires Finnish banking credentials). The service will take you to the website of your pension provider.

Find your pension provider

If you cannot log into the service, contact the Finnish Centre for Pensions by

  • phone: +358 29 411 2110, or
  • e-mail: asiakaspalvelu(at)

When calling, you will be charged the local network or mobile network fee. When calling from abroad, the price is determined by your local operator.

The contact information of the earnings-related pensions and the Finnish Centre for Pensions is listed in the below menu.

Apteekkien Eläkekassa
Phone: +358 9 612 6270

Eläkekassa Verso
Phone: +358 400 379 336

Valion Eläkekassa
Phone: +358 800 02810

Reka Eläkekassa
Phone: +358 40 551 7093

L-Fashion Group Oy:n Eläkesäätiö
Linjakatu 5, 15100 Lahti
PL 55, 15101 Lahti
Phone: +358 3 822 111
Fax: +358 3 822 1499

Orionin Eläkesäätiö
Orionintie 1, P.O.Box 65, 02101 Espoo
Phone: +358 10 426 3803

Sandvik Eläkesäätiö
P.O.Box 256, 33101 Tampere
Phone: +358 3 279 9531
Fax: +358 3 279 9530

Sanoman Eläkesäätiö
C/O Sanoma Media Finland Oy
P.O.Box 30.,00089 Sanoma
Phone: +358 40 689 5546

Telian Eläkesäätiö
P.O.Box 690, 00051 TELIA
Phone: +358 20 401

UPM sellutehtaiden eläkesäätiö
c/o Mandatum Life Palvelut Oy
P.O.Box  1210, 00101 Helsinki
Pension administration:
Phone +358 10 192 077 (Varma)
Other matters:
Phone +358 10 516 8355 (Agent)

Yara Suomen eläkesäätiö
Mechelininkatu 1 A, P.O.Box 900, 00181 Helsinki
Phone: +358 10 215 222

Yleisradion Eläkesäätiö
Radiokatu 5, 00240 Helsinki
Phone: +358 9 148 01
Fax: +358 9 877 7545

Phone: +358 20 614 2837

The Åland Regional Government 
Phone: +358 18 250 00

The Finnish Centre for Pensions is the central body of the statutory earnings-related pension scheme and an expert in pension provision. We produce joint services for the earnings-related pension scheme.

The Finnish Centre for Pensions helps you with earnings-related pension matters, such as how to insure work abroad, how to apply for a pension from abroad and insurance surveillance issues.

Customer service
+358 29 411 2110,  asiakaspalvelu(at)

We serve by phone on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.
On New Year’s Eve and Holy Thursday, we serve between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Make your appointment via our online customer service.

We have no Customer Service desk at our office in Kalasatama.

With Messages you can communicate with us electronically in a secure way. You can send us messages and attachments that relate to your own case. We can reply to your messages via the service.

Activate Messages by logging into and authorising authorities to communicate with you electronically via Messages. Messages

Note that, if you are a private customer, we cannot send you confidential information by e-mail.

Read more about the Finnish Centre for Pensions and how to contact us at