Pension providers grant and pay out pensions

Earnings-related pension providers collect pension contributions, administer pension funds and grant and pay out pensions. Employers and the self-employed can take out pension insurance with any one of the earnings-related pension providers.

Pension providers include earnings-relate pension insurance companies, special earnings-related pension insurance companies, company pension funds, and industry-wide pension funds. Keva administers public sector pensions.

Contact information of the pension providers

Last pension provider you are insured with pays out your pension

Your own pension provider is the pension provider that is currently insuring or has most recently insured your work. Contact your own pension provider when you have questions about, for example, your pension record, your future pension or how to claim your pension.

Your pension provider calculates the total amount of pension that you have earned from different employment relationships, pays out your pension and collects the contribution shares of other pension providers via the cost division of the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

Although there are several pension providers, they are jointly liable for earnings-related pensions. This means that earned pensions will always be paid. Even if your employer or your pension provider were to go bankrupt, you do not lose you right to the earnings-related pension that you have earned.

Which one is my pension provider?

If you are unsure about which pension provider has insured your work, you can find out which one is your pension provider and what services it offers by logging into the service ‘Find your pension provider’. You will be transferred to the service of your pension provider.

Log in to your pension provider’s web service

If you cannot log in, contact the Finnish Centre for Pensions by phone +358 29 411 2110 or e-mail asiakaspalvelu(at) The Finnish Centre for Pensions’ statutory role is to develop earnings-related pension provision, provide expertise and produce joint services for the pension scheme.