Welcome to learn more about pensions! Työelä is a joint website for the whole Finnish earnings-related pension scheme and covers both the private and the public sector. It is also a route to pension services.

Työelä offers:

  • open information available for anyone interested,
  • services that are individual and require identification, and
  • links to pension providers’ services.

The Finnish Centre for Pensions owns the copyright to the shared pages of this service. The website deals with pensions in general terms, and the texts are not to be taken as legal texts.

Työelä is a joint website for the services of the earnings-related pension scheme in Finland. The following terms and conditions apply to the use of the service. Please read them before you use the site.

The Työelä service may include service-specific terms and conditions which the reader has to accept and to which these terms and conditions are secondary. The same applies to the websites of pension providers and other service producers that are linked to the Työelä site.

Created by the Finnish Centre for Pensions

The Finnish Centre for Pensions owns the copyright to the common pages in Työelä The editor-in-chief of the service is the web editor-in-chief of the Finnish Centre for Pensions, Johanna Louhimies. The content of the website is produced by the Communications Department at the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

The Finnish Centre for Pensions owns the copyright and other rights of this website. The Finnish Centre for Pensions has the right to make changes to the content, use and technology of this website and to restrict access to the website at any given time.

Despite the copyright, the open pages of the Työelä website can be freely quoted and copied. The liability for the content and its currency lies with the party quoting or copying content from Työelä Good practice requires that party quoting or copying material names the source.

General information – not legal texts

Työelä deals with pensions in general terms. The services that require identification offer personal pension information. The information on the open pages are informative and not to be taken as legal texts. The Finnish Centre for Pensions is not liable that the information in the Työelä service meets the needs of its user. Nor is the Finnish Centre for Pensions liable for the solutions or actions that the reader makes and takes based on the information on the website.

The Finnish Centre for Pensions does not guarantee that the website functions without disruptions.

The Finnish Centre for Pensions is not liable for any indirect, special or consequential, damage, expenses or loss caused by the use of this website.

The Finnish Centre for Pensions is not liable for any damage caused by disruptions in telecommunications, and data systems, malware or information security risks.

Työelä was originally launched on 9 December 2002.


This website works best with the more recent browser versions. If you experience problems, try using the service with another browser. Emptying the cache can also help.

PDF files

You need a reader program to print out the forms and the pension record offered through Työelä

If you experience problems using PDF files, install the most recent version of Adobe Reader or a corresponding software. Download Acrobat Reader free of charge here.

To save and print out the pension record, your browser must accept the saving of crypted pages on a disk (the pension record is crypted). For example, check the settings in Internet Explorer as follows:

  • Click ‘Tools’
  • Click ‘Internet Options’
  • Click ‘Advanced’
  • Under ‘Security’, remove the tab ‘Do not save encrypted paged to disk’
  • Click OK.

Check also that  ‘Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins’ has been enabled:

  • Click ‘Tools’
  • Click ‘Internet Options’
  • Under ‘Security’, click ‘Custom level’
  • Click ‘Enable’ under ‘Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins’.



JavaScript is a programming language, which is used for assisting functions, such as to open new windows, administer error messages and verify input data.

Työelä uses JavaScript. Allow the use of JavaScript in your browser settings. JavaScript is usually permitted as default.

Pop-up windows

Make sure your browser allows the opening of pop-up windows.

A cookie is an identification file used to administer, among other things, services offered on this site that require identification, statistics and the chat service.

In order for services that require identification to work, you have to enable cookies. The information collected by the statistical tool includes:

  • URL addresses of visited pages in Työelä,
  • version and language settings of the browser used,
  • resolution of the operating system and screen used to read Työelä,
  • time when the website has been accessed,
  • whether and when the user has visited Työelä before,
  • which address the user has come from to Työelä,
  • the geographical location of the user, and
  • the number of pages viewed in Työelä

We also use cookies to make sure that the chat service works when you go from one page to another within, and to collect statistics on the use of the chat.

The service will not save the cookies on your hard drive, only in the cache memory of the browser you are using.

Usually cookies are permitted by default. The cookies set by the service will also be removed when you empty the cache memory of your browser.

If you disable cookies we can no longer guarantee that the service will work. For more information on how to enable/disable cookies, consult the browsers’ websites:

Read also about the Finnish Centre for Pensions’ data protection practices.

Työelä offers services that require identification:

  • Check your pension record,
  • Claim your pension, and
  • Find your pension provider.

Links to these services are available on the frontpage of Työelä and on each content page. The links are marked with a lock icon.

To identify yourself to these services, you need Finnish banking credentials. No trace of your visit to the Työelä service will be left in your bank.

The services that require identification use the data in the joint earnings and accrual register of the earnings-related pension scheme. The register is intended for the implementation of the earnings-related pension scheme. The use of the register data is governed by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Encrypted connections

Työelä’s connections are encrypted. The encrypting secures the messages between the customer and this website so that they cannot be read by a third party.


Browsers use the cache memory in order to show a page that has already been downloaded faster. This means that the browser saves the page in the cache memory.

Remember to log out from Työelä and clear the cache and the browsing history when you have used services which require identification. This way you can make sure that the connection to your data in the data system is not left open and available to others.

You can empty your browser’s cache by clicking Ctlr+Shift+Del.