How do I claim a years-of-service pension?

You may qualify for a years-of-service pension if:

  • you have had done mental or physical work that requires great effort for at least 38 years (without interruptions),
  • your ability to work is reduced,
  • you were born in 1955 or later, and
  • you are 63 years or older.

Because of the age limits, the first years-of-service pensions will begin in February 2018.

When you reach your retirement age, your years-of-service pension will automatically become an old-age pension.

Ask your pension provider for an estimate of how much your years-of-service pension will be. You can also ask your pension provider for a preliminary decision about this pension.

You must apply for your years-of-service pension within one year of stopping your strenuous and wearing work.

Apply for the years-of-service pension with form 2022e (available as of May 2017). Attach your employer’s description of your work (form 7111e) and Medical Statement B (issued by your occupational health care) to your application. Medical Statement B will include information on

  • the state of your health,
  • the content of your work, and
  • the mental or physical effort required in your work.