Insurance contributions in international situations

In Finland, you as the employer must take out social security insurance and pay the social insurance contributions for your workers. This may also be the case in many international situations.

When your worker leaves Finland to work abroad or comes from abroad to work in Finland, you must find out if you must pay statutory contributions for your worker to Finland. This applies to you whether you are a Finnish or a foreign employer.

If you are a private sector employer, the online service of the Finnish Centre for Pensions helps you sort out how to pay the social insurance contributions.

The service explains and instructs you on what contributions you must pay to Finland in different situations.

Check the social security contributions

You must also check with the authority or institution in charge of social insurance contributions whether your worker meets the requirements regarding age and wage amount relating to the contributions. If you are self-employed, you have to take out any statutory insurance yourself and also pay the related pension contributions on your own.