How do I claim a survivors' pension?

There are two survivors’ pensions: the surviving spouse’s pension and the orphan’s pension. Both have their own pension application forms. If you have several children, you have to fill out a separate application form for each child.

You can apply for the survivors’ pension online via most pension providers’ websites. Check if your own pension provider offers that service (and in English). Apply for a survivor’s pension from both the earnings-related and the national pension schemes using the same form.

Go to your pension provider's online service.

If your own pension provider does not offer an online application service, you can fill in a paper from or print out a form (7004e and 7005e, separate form for each child) that you have filled in online. To access the forms, go to the footer or menu at

You can apply for the survivors’ pension retroactively for six months (excluding thee month in which you apply for the pension). For valid reasons, you may apply retroactively for a longer period of time.

The survivors’ pension is based on the earnings from work or granted earnings-related pension of your next-of-kin.

Survivors’ pension from abroad

You can get a survivors’ pension from abroad also if, at some point during their working life, your deceased spouse or parent has worked or lived in an EU/EEA country, Switzerland, or a country with which Finland has signed a bilateral social security agreement.

Apply for survivors’ pensions from these country with the same forms that you apply for the survivors’ pensions from Finland. Fill out information about your deceased next-of-kin’s work and residence abroad on Appendix U (7110e) and attach it to your application.