Compensation for accident at work, occupational disease or traffic accident

Compensations based on the Occupational Accidents, Injuries and Diseases Act and the Motor Liability Insurance Act are primary in relation to earnings-related pensions. That means that if you are injured, you will first receive compensation based on these two acts. You will get an earnings-related pension only if your earnings-related pension is higher than the compensation for loss of earnings paid because of the accident at work or the traffic accident.

You must claim the earnings-related pension. Generally, the compensation based on these insurances are higher than your disability pension, so sometimes there is no disability pension left to pay. Note, though, that you should always claim the earnings-related disability pension because it may improve your later income for the following reasons:

  • If your ability to work is restored and you return to work, you will earn pension also for the period that you were receiving a disability pension. This will improve the level of your future old-age pension.
  • If the compensation you get from the workers’ compensation insurance or the motor liability insurance is reduced at a later point, you may be paid some disability pension.

On its own initiative, the pension provider will take your primary benefits into account when calculating your pension. On the pension claim, you are asked if you receive or are claiming such benefits.

You will earn a pension for short-term compensations based on the Occupational Accidents, Injuries and Diseases Act or the Motor Liability Insurance Act you will earn a pension.

Contact your own pension provider when you have questions about your future pension or how to claim your pension.

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