Public sector has its own pension act

If you work for a local government, the State, the Evangelical-Lutheran Church or Kela, your pensions are administered by Keva under the Public Sector Pensions Act (JuEL).

You are covered by the Public Sector Pensions Act if you are:

  • a wage earner employed by a local government and a federation of municipalities, or by a limited company, foundation or association owned by the municipalities that have become members of Keva;
  • employed in a service or an employment relationship with the Evangelical-Lutheran Church, a parish, a federation of parishes or an equivalent parish union;
  • an official and employee employed by the State;
  • a primary, secondary and high school teacher covered by the State’s pension system,
  • employed by the Orthodox Church of Finland (and not covered by the Employees Pensions Act), or
  • employed by Kela.

If you are working in the highest positions of trust within the State or employed by the Bank of Finland or the Åland Regional Government, you are covered by special pension acts.

If you are a private care-provider, family care-giver, in a position of trust or working on the basis of a consultation and commission agreement, you are also covered by the Public Pensions Act although you are not in an employment or service relationship.

As a public sector employee, your pension contributions are determined in the same way as in the private sector.

Public sector employee’s pension contributions in 2022
If you are aged under 53 or over 62 7.15% of your gross wage
If you are between 53 and 62 8.65% of your gross wage

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