Pension for work in Finland

If you are a foreigner and working in Finland, you will accrue pension for your work in the same way as Finnish people do. Your employer must take out pension insurance for you and withhold your share of the pension contribution from your monthly wage. If you are self-employed, you have to take out insurance and pay the total contribution yourself. You can take out insurance with an earnings-related pension provider of your own choice.

If you are an asylum seeker, the same rules apply to you. Your employer must take out pension insurance for you if you work in Finland, even if  you have not yet received a personal ID or been granted a residence permit.

Pension that you have earned in Finland is paid to all countries in the world. You will receive your pension even if you move abroad. The pension  you have earned is yours even if your employer changes or you end your self-employment.

Check how much pension you have earned

Contact your earnings-related pension provider or the Finnish Centre for Pensions to check how much pension you have earned in Finland. If you have a personal ID code and passwords to a Finnish bank, you can check your pension online. In that case, go to the Check your Pension Record service on this site.

Employees posted to Finland

If you have been posted to Finland to work, you may be insured in the country from which you were posted. In that case, you are not to be insured under Finnish earnings-related pension laws.