Posted from a social security agreement country

If you have been posted to Finland from an EU or an EEA country, Switzerland or a country with which Finland has a social security agreement, you can remain covered by the social security laws of the country from which you were sent to Finland. In that case you need  an A1 certificate for a posted employee from the country that has posted you. You will then earn a pension to that country for the period that you are posted to Finland.

Example: French worker

A French employer posts its employee who has been working in France to Finland for one year. The employee has been issued an A1 certificate for a posted employee by the authorities in France. The employee is insured in France (not in Finland under the Employees Pensions Act).

For more information on how to take out insurance, contact the Finnish Centre for Pensions by

  • phone: +358 29 411 2110 (weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.), or
  • e-mail: ulkomaanasiat(at)