January pensions paid out on 4 January 2021

Pensions paid in January by the earnings-related pension companies will be paid on Monday 4 January 2021.

The pensions are paid out slightly later than usual as New Year’s Day is on Friday, followed by a weekend. That means that Monday 4 January is the first day on which banks are open in January 2021.

State pensions are paid as usual on 20 January. Other pension insurers have their own dates of payment, as well, which are not affected by the turn of the year.

For more information on the payment of pensions, go to the websites of the pension providers:

Pensions paid based on law

The date of payment of earnings-related pension cannot be moved to the previous year because the right to the pension is determined on a monthly basis. The pension acts state that earnings-related pensions can be paid only once per calendar month.

Municipal pensions paid out early by mistake

The January pensions of the municipal sector were supposed to be paid out on 4 January 2021 as well. However, due to a human error, Keva paid out the pensions too early. The recipients of municipal pensions received their January 2021 pensions on their bank account already on 17 December 2020.

News updated on 17 January 2020 at 11:09 regarding Keva’s payment of pensions.

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