Working while getting a pension

You can start in a new employment or work as a self-employed person while you are retired. If you are on an old-age pension or a partial old-age pension, there are no limits to how much you can work or earn.

New pension for work in retirement

If you work while drawing a pension, you accrue new pension at a rate of 1.5 per cent of your new annual income until you reach the age when your insurance obligation ends (see table below). You must pay pension contributions for this work. You can work also after reaching the age at which your insurance obligation ends, but you will not accrue new pension or pay pension pension contributions for that work.

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If you work as a self-employed person while drawing an old-age pension, you can take out voluntary pension insurance. You will accrue new pension based on your confirmed income for self-employment.

Separate tax cards for pension and work

If you work while in retirement, you need a separate tax card for your wage.

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Claim your pension separately

You must claim the pension  you have earned for work or self-employment in retirement. You will be paid out the new pension once you have reached the age when your insurance obligation ends:

  • 68 years, those born in 1957 or earlier
  • 69 years, if you were born between 1958-1961
  • 70 years, if you were born in 1962 or later

Your employer’s obligation to insure you ends at the end of the calendar month in which you reach the age at which the insurance obligation ends.

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If you consider working while drawing a disability pension, please check with your pension provider what your earnings limits are.

If you draw a full disability pension, you can earn up to 40 per cent of the income level you had before you began drawing your disability pension. The earnings level is 60 per cent if you draw a partial disability pension. However, you can always earn 922.42 euros a month even if your individual earnings were smaller.

If your earnings are higher than the earnings limit, you can either leave your pension dormant (that is, have your pension payments suspended) or convert your full disability pension to a partial disability pension while working. You must leave your pension dormant for at least three months but not for more than two years.

The new pension you accrue for the work you do while drawing a disability pension will be paid out when your disability pension becomes an old-age pension. That happens when you reach your retirement age. You have to apply for this new pension separately.