Use an application form to claim your pension

You were directed to this page since we could not find a pension insurance company that you would be insured with. This happens if you haven’t worked at all in Finland or if no pension insurance has been taken out for you in this country.

Fill in and send your pension claim

If you want to claim a pension, fill in the pension application form and send it as an attachment via Messages to the Finnish Centre for Pensions. You can also send in your application by post (on paper) to Kela, the Finnish Centre for Pensions or any earnings-related pension provider or its office.

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Contact information of pension providers and the Finnish Centre for Pensions

Use the same form to claim a pension both from the earnings-related pension system and from Kela.

If you have lived or worked elsewhere than in Finland, you may have the right to get a pension from abroad. Apply for a pension from abroad using the same application form as for Finnish pensions. Attach Appendix U to your application. It includes data on your work and residence abroad.

Earnings-related pension providers pay out earnings-related pensions and Kela pays out the national and the guarantee pension

Earnings-related pension companies pay out earnings-related pensions based on earnings from work and self-employment. Kela pays out a national pension and/or a guarantee pension if you have not earned any earnings-related pension or it does not exceed the lower limit stipulated for these pensions.