’I will also get a pension’: Campaign simplifies pension information

The Finnish Centre for Pensions has launched a campaign in which it tells about earnings-related pensions in a simple and easy-to-understand way. The Facebook site includes, among other things, a pension calculator that tells you what your retirement age is and gives you an idea of how much pension you will get.

The idea of this very general and straightforward earnings-related pension information rose from the need to approach immigrants in Finland.

“A large number of refugees have arrived in Finland in the last two years. In addition, a considerable amount of foreigners already live here. Most of them are of or near working age. It is important that they know about work-related social security, such as the basics of earnings-related pensions,” explains Kati Kalliomäki, Communications Director at the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

Mohammed Abdirahim Hussein from the Finnish Consulting Group (FCG) has learned more about earnings-related pensions and is excited about the subject. Finns know him as the lively reporter Husu, who is now also the face and driving force of the ‘I will also get a pension’ campaign.

“I expect that as immigrants learn more about pensions, they will be even more eager to work. That happened to me: when I realised how the euros I earn affect my future pension, I immediately wanted to invest more in my working life,” Husu says.

According to Kalliomäki, the win-win aspect makes the earnings-related pension campaign rewarding:

“Finland needs more workers, the Finnish earnings-related pension system needs a contribution flow, and those who have moved to Finland need work and social security. These goals are all united in our campaign.”

The tailor-made pension information will also be distributed via local immigrant associations. The main source of information, however, is the campaign site on Facebook. It includes a pension calculator and basic information on earnings-related pensions in the form of short videos, graphs and texts.

“I am convinced that this general and straightforward pension information that is easy to distribute via social media will be useful to everyone, regardless of their background. Earnings-related pensions are usually thought of as complex. With this campaign, we want to show that the principles behind them are actually quite simple and logical,” Kalliomäki concludes.


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