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Finnish Centre for Pensions at your service at International House Helsinki
International House Helsinki (IHH) provides most of the services that immigrants need when they move to Finland under one roof. Starting 4 December, customer service is provided at the premises of the Local Register Office of Uusimaa in Albertinkatu in Helsinki.

The customer service for individual customers at IHH is intended for international residents who have recently moved to the Helsinki area. IHH also provides services to companies and employers as regards foreign personnel and the recruitement of such personnel.

The plan is that the service will become permanent, but the service will start with a pilot project coordinated by the City of Helsinki. The operations can continue at the premises of the Local Register Office of Uusimaa at least until the end of 2018. In addition to the immigrant information services of the City of Helsinki, also the Local Register Office of Uusimaa, the Finnish Tax Administration’s and Kela’s service point In To Finland, the TE Office of Uusimaa, the Finnish Centre for Pensions and the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce participate in the pilot project.

Getting started in one visit

When a customer arrives at the service point International House Helsinki, the immigrant advisors of the City of Helsinki clarify the customer’s need of services and, when needed, provide information on the forms, decisions and procedures of different official authorities. They also give the customers advice in matters related to, for instance, residence permits, studying Finnish, residence, studies, social and health care services as well as schools and day care for the children.

In IHH, the representatives of the Local Register Office of Uusimaa provide services for all immigrants who move to the Helsinki area. When the reason for immigration is employment, the Local Register Office registers the person’s Finnish personal identity code usually while waiting. Thus the customer immediately gets a personal identity code if the criteria for registration are met. At the same time, the customer’s personal data and address are registered in the population data system.

The TE Office of Uusimaa provides general information about the employment services for individual customers. In addition to getting information, in IHH it is also possible to register as a jobseeker. After the registration, the customer’s continued contacts with the employment services are handled at the customer’s local TE service point.

The representatives of the service point In To Finland provide information about social security benefits and taxation in Finland. The customer can also initiate a case as regards social security matters. At the same time, you can apply for a tax card or an individual tax number, which is required for those working in construction.

The Finnish Centre for Pensions provides information about earnings-related pensions and social security for IHH customers. The customer can get information about the A1 certificate and about whether he or she is covered under the social security system of the country of origin or that of Finland. Information is also provided on matters related to earnings-related pensions and pension insurance: taxes and contributions withheld on the wage or salary, how to check your own accrued earnings-related pension and how to claim a pension.

The Chamber of Commerce provides advice for employers in matters related to foreign employees, helps to find appropriate services and clarifies the needs for services of the companies. Information is provided by phone, by e-mail and online.

Help provided by a service advisor tool

In future, help in contacts with official authorities will also be provided by an online self-service tool on IHH’s website (Service Advisor App). The tool helps the customer find the right official authority to contact and gives advice on the documentation needed.

The testing of the self-service tool will start in December, and the tool will later be available also on the website. The website ihhelsinki.fi will be launched on 4 December when the service is introduced.

Additional information for customers:

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