Retirement Not a Topical Issue for Famous Blogger Soikku

Smiling broadly, Soikku cheers up tens of thousands of people every week. With more than 147,000 followers, her popularity shows no signs of decline. The young social media star became known to the general public in Finland when she participated in the TV show Dancing with Stars. In real life, Soikku keeps her feet firmly on the ground.

Soikku arrives punctually to the interview. The tea-loving woman has not allowed the success to turn her head. Known for her positive attitude, Soikku always finds time for her fans.

“For the most part, I can walk the streets undisturbed. People may stare at me for a while, but Finns don’t approach others easily,” Soikku says while sipping her chili tea.

“Those who are courageous enough to come and talk to me are very nice, though. I’m sure at least 99 per cent of all the meetings I’ve had with the public have been nothing but positive.”

Kuvituskuvassa Soikku ja älypuhelin

No stress over success

Performing in front of tens of thousands of young people each week could be stressful to some, but Soikku does not take her role as ‘big sister’ to the youth of Finland too seriously.

“My life habits may make me a suitable role model for young people, but I don’t want to take too much responsibility for people I don’t know. I’m not scared that I would say or do something silly on video,” Soikku says smiling.

Focus on youth campaigns

At the moment, various campaigns for the young keep Soikku busy. Despite a full schedule, she has time to film her video blog, as well. It does not even feel like work to her.

“I’m trying to keep the video blog as my own genuine thing and keep the campaigns and other gigs separate from it. Soikku has no specific plans for the future, but she believes she could work in this field until retirement.

“I doubt, though, that I’ll continue video blogging when I’m retired. Who knows whether Youtube will be popular anymore after tens of years. But I can see myself working and performing on the internet in some way, providing the internet still exists then.”

Kuvituskuvassa Soikku

​Unfamiliar with the pension record

Soikku has had several different employers. Despite the short engagements, she has accrued pension for them. It is good to check the pension record once in a while (in the online service at Työelä, using banking credentials) to make sure that the pension obligations have been met. As long as the employer has paid the pension contributions, there is nothing to worry about.

The pension record includes information on all earnings for which pension has accrued. As of 2005, pension accrues for all work done after the age of 18. The employment data included on the record covers the previous year, so the most recent data is not included. It is important to check that all the employments are listed on the pension record and that the earnings information is correct. Checking the pension record offers also an opportunity to walk down memory lane and think about former workplaces.

“I didn’t know that all the places I’ve worked at are listed on this record!

Small earnings-related pension so far

The pensionable earnings means simply how much a person has earned in a given year in a given employment, or what the self-employed person’s income from work has been. Pension in 2015 prices means that the pension that has accrued for each employment has been adjusted to correspond to the value of the money in 2015.

“I didn’t know how to read the pension record before. But now I understand that the more I work and the more I earn, the more pension I will get in time.

In addition to the data on wages, the pension record includes information on the pension accrued for each employment relationship. After reviewing her current pension accrual for a while, Soikku concludes by stating that it would not get her far.

“I need to go on working for quite a bit!”

Photos: Karoliina Paatos

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