Earnings-related pension contributions, indexes and euro limits in 2018

As the year turns, the pension contributions, indexes and euro limits will be affected. The table below includes the most important figures in 2018 relative to earnings-related pensions.

Employee’s contribution
17–52 and over-63-year-olds 6.35 %
53–62-year-olds 7.85 %
Self-employed persons’ contribution
17–52 and over-63-year-olds 24.10 %
53–62-year-olds 25.60 %
Indexes and life expectancy coefficient
wage coefficient 1.391
earnings-related pension index 2548
life expectancy coefficient 0.96102
Employee’s earnings limits
Insurance under Employees Pensions Act obligatory if monthly earnings exceed €58.27
Social benefits + minimum total earnings from work during one’s entire working life €17,480.28
Self-employed person’s earnings limits
Minimum confirmed annual income €7,656.26
Maximum confirmed annual income €173,875
Minimum confirmed income under the Self-employed Persons’ Pensions Act required for unemployment allowance €12,576
Minimum annual confirmed income for farmers €3,828.13
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